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Bahia Del Sol and Bocas Del Toro

Frequently Asked Questions

Type of People That Will Enjoy Bahia Del Sol You will enjoy your stay at Bahia Del Sol if the following list describes you. We have met so many interesting people during our time at Bahia Del Sol and look forward to meeting many more in the years to come.  98% of the people that book with us love their time here and many extend their stays after they arrive but some come to Bocas expecting it to be like it is back home in the USA or Europe and that it is not. We have wireless internet and Satellite TV (in most rooms) to keep you in touch with the world but you are coming to a tropical island that most likely is very different then what you are used to. For this reason we find living in Bocas an adventure and we hope you find traveling to Bocas and staying at Bahia Del Sol an unforgettable experience.
  • You will enjoy Bahia Del Sol if you prefer staying inside of a Panamanian community and outside of the commercial districts
  • If you are not addicted to AC and prefer a sea breeze
  • If you are laid back and like the tranquility of being far enough away from town that you just hear the waves at night but only a 3 min cab ride or 15 min walk to many restaurants and night life activities in Bocas town
  • If you have a open mind and enjoy adventure in life
  • If you took the time to read our many Tripadvisor reviews and want to come enjoy life with us in this tropical paradise.
Types of People That Should Probably Not Make A Reservation If the following list describes you then we suggest you not book with us at Bahia Del Sol and select one of the hotels in Bocas Town or maybe just go to an all inclusive resort and skip Bocas all together on your next trip. We are not trying to be rude just real.
  • You should most likely look for accommodations elsewhere if you think coming to Bocas and staying at Bahia Del Sol will be like going to a all inclusive resort in Cancun (we serve you a laid back but great breakfast)
  • If you must have AC (we do have 1 room with AC but only because it has no sea breeze)
  • If you are scared of locals and think people that don’t look like you are dangerous (you would be amazed with some people)
  • If you prefer to isolate yourself with other tourists and stay clear of the local communities
  • If you are not into a laid back lifestyle
THE AREA Saigon Bay is a quickly developing area comprised of a mixture of well built homes and locals who are living in typical poor Caribbean style. There is a new sewer in the area , and trash service has also recently begun. We have done our best to provide western conveniences inside the home, but keep in mind that the locals live at a third world standard, and that is the culture. THE HOME Bahia Del Sol is comprised of four available bedrooms. Two standard rooms which each have queen sized beds, 1 double suite which has a queen and a double bed in separate rooms and the Master suite which has a king sized bed. AMENITIES Bahia Del Sol is fully equipped with bedding, linens and towels, and cooking supplies. Satellite television is also provided for your convenience in Bahia Del Sol. WiFi Internet is free and available in both homes. Maid service is provided daily. Water and Hot water are standard but sometimes one or both stop working. These are issues that we can not control and if you happen to be with us during a outage I hope you understand its part of island living sometimes. WEATHER The weather here is highly variable and one December can be very wet and the next quite dry. It mostly rains more at night than in the day. The sky can open up and deliver more water than you thought possible, sometimes with very dramatic lightning and thunder, all part of the tropics experience. You can view online weather reports but we find them highly inaccurate for the area. RESTAURANTS There are a wide variety of excellent restaurants in Bocas and on the surrounding islands. Fare of nearly every kind can be found, including Italian, seafood, steaks, Caribbean chicken, Thai and Indian. We can make personal recommendations depending on what you are looking for so just ask. TRANSPORTATION Town is located three minutes by taxi or a fifteen minute walk. You can easily walk anywhere you want to go in town. The only roads are on Isla Colon and in Bocas town. Prices are very reasonable. Bocas has been called “the Venice of Central America”, as most transportation is on the water. Commercial water taxi companies are easily found on the waterfront, and can be arranged to pick you up from Bahia del Sol. The water ride between the home and town is one of the best. PAYMENT OPTIONS You must pay your deposit with credit card . A 50% deposit is due upon booking the room. This deposit is non refundable with less then 15 day cancellation notice. If you wish to pay via another method you may contact us but credit card is preferred. WE DO NOT ACCEPT AMERICAN EXPRESS CARDS CURRENTLY. PLEASE CANCEL YOUR RESERVATION 15 DAYS BEFORE YOUR SCHEDULED ARRIVAL TO AVOID LOSING YOUR DEPOSIT. UTILITIES Water, electricity and Internet come and go in Bocas. This is the price we pay for living in the tropics. However we do our best to keep our  water tanks filled and life comfortable at Bahia Del Sol. Please conserve water, turn off your faucets and do your part to help while with us. BEACH A beach for swimming is located 100 meters from the house. Beaches for surfing are 20 minutes away. We provide custom surf tours from Bahia Del Sol so just ask if interested. CURRENCY US dollars. The island has two ATM machines that give credit card advances. Traveller’s checques can be cashed at the local bank. SECURITY We do have a night watchman that patrols all our properties every-night and can also be very helpful if you lock your keys inside, need some advice or just want to have a chat with a friendly local. MEDICAL CARE The hospital is located 500 meters from the house. All people are admitted at no or very minimal cost. The hospitals are based on US standards and are equipped to handle most health related issues.