Bahia Del Sol

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Our Home
Bahia Del Sol consists of 2 wooden homes side by side and connected via a dock. The homes are built over the waters of Saigon Bay in Bocas Del Toro, Panama. Bahia Del Sol is the large home and Casa Rosada is the pink home next door. Both homes offer spacious rooms with modern amenities and a long history of safe and enjoyable stays from guests from around the world over the last 10 years. You can find detailed room descriptions for both homes as well as a reservation calendar by exploring this page!
Our Community
Bahia Del Sol shares a unique and diverse community with neighbours from all over the world. On the shores of Saigon Bay are converted vacation rentals, homes for expats and local Panamanian family homes. This is an economically challenged community in some sectors and you can see that in the variety of living conditions represented in and around our area. If living side by side with people from different income levels, backgrounds and races bothers you then PLEASE do not come and stay in our community!

About Us

about-us Bahia Del Sol is a private guest house that will make you feel at home during your time in Bocas Del Toro. We offer a unique experience compared to most Bocas Del Toro hotels. Bahia Del Sol is located next to KoKo Resort. These properties are also managed by our staff. Bahia Del Sol consists of 5 of the nicest rooms available in Bocas. Each room is available to rent by the day. Bahia Del Sol is located outside of the Bocas Town on Isla Colon and away from the other Bocas Del Toro Hotels. The home is built over the waters of Saigon bay in a Panamanian village. The neighborhood around Saigon Bay consists of Panamanian families and the homes of long-term expats from all over the world who call Bocas home. This area gives our guests a better cultural experience than staying at your typical Bocas Del Toro Hotel located in the commercial districts of Bocas. If you are looking to stay in an area surrounded by tourists then stop reading right here and go check out the many other properties in Bocas Del Toro but if you want the best hosts, a great breakfast, a beautiful room in a gorgeous home with amazing bay-views and the best sunsets in Bocas (because of the direction we face towards the mountains) then keep reading and come and check us out. When you do need to get to town it is just a 3 min and .60 cent taxi ride to the center of the commercial district of Bocas or a 10-15 min walk. Bahia Del Sol is just a 2 min walk from the Cabana beach on Isla Colon and a 3 min car taxi ride from the airport. The house can easily be reached by car taxis when coming from the airport or boat docks.